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Fast Track to Inner Peace: Mindfulness Techniques You Can Do Anywhere

Maybe you’re feeling stressed or anxious. You want more peace in your life but don’t have time for long meditation sessions. We get it – ...

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The Best Stress Management Strategies for Living a Calmer Life

You feel it creeping in throughout the day. Your shoulders get tight, your mind races, and your patience grows thin. Stress – it’s an inevitable ...

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Personalized Nutrition: The Key to a Healthy, Balanced Diet

You know that whole “one size fits all” thing when it comes to nutrition and diet advice? Yeah, that doesn’t work. We’re all different – ...

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Struggling to Sleep? How to Improve Your Sleep Quality

You toss and turn all night, struggling to fall asleep. When morning comes, you drag yourself out of bed feeling exhausted. Sound familiar? You’re not ...

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Crushing the Virtual Interview: How to Shine in Remote Settings

Okay, so you landed a virtual interview! Way to go – you must have really impressed them with your resume and skills. But now comes ...

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Cracking the Job Search Algorithm: Tips to Get Noticed by Recruiters

Navigating the job search process can feel like shouting into the void sometimes. You spend hours crafting the perfect resume and cover letter, obsessively tweaking ...

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The Gig Economy: How Freelancing Gives You Flexibility

You’ve probably heard about the gig economy by now. More and more people are leaving the traditional 9 to 5 to freelance and work for ...

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Bracing for the Future: What Automation Means for the Job Market

You’re starting a new job or just entering the workforce. Exciting times, right? But you also can’t help wondering – will this job even exist ...

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes: Understanding Self-Employment and Estimated Taxes Made Simple

As a freelancer or side hustler, taxes can seem confusing and overwhelming. But understanding a few key concepts around self-employment and estimated taxes can make ...

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Cryptocurrency: Weighing the Risks and Rewards Before You Invest

You’ve heard the hype around cryptocurrencies. Everyone’s talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin. Your friends are getting rich quick or so it seems. FOMO is setting ...

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